• Education

    Harvard University

    PhD in Economics (2013-2018)

    Thesis Title: Essays on the Economics of Information

    Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Behavioral Economics

    Yale College

    Undergraduate (2009-2013)

    B.A. in Mathematics (Defrost prize for top graduating senior)

    B.A. in Economics

    Putnam Fellow 2009, 2011

  • CV

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  • Job Market Paper

    Optimal and Myopic Information Acquisition

    (with Annie Liang and Vasilis Syrgkanis)

    How to acquire information from asymmetric and correlated sources? We identify conditions under which the simple myopic strategy is in fact optimal.

  • Other Working Papers

    Overabundant Information and Learning Traps (with A. Liang)

    With an overabundance of information sources, a sequence of short-lived agents may get stuck observing an inefficient set of sources and learn arbitrarily slowly.


    Informational Robustness in Intertemporal Pricing (with J. Libgober)

    If the seller of a new product is uncertain about how consumers may learn about their willingness-to-pay, a constant price path delivers optimal worst-case profit guarantee.


    Keeping Your Story Straight: Truthtelling and Liespotting (with J. Hörner and N. Vieille)

    How does repeated interaction limit the scope for lying and improve the possibility of screening?


    Paying for Attention: The Impact of Information Processing Costs on Bayesian Inference (with S. D. Kominers and A. Peysakovich)

    Small information processing costs can lead to significant departures from correct beliefs or optimal behavior.


    Amendment Voting with Incomplete Preferences

    To what extent can preference be identified from sequential choice data?


    Myopically Searching for the Best (in progress)


    Ranking of Experiments and Mutual Information Measure (in progress)

  • Teaching

    ECON 2010b (Spring 2017). Graduate Microeconomics

    TF for Professor Oliver Hart [Evaluations]


    ECON 1011a (Fall 2016). Undergraduate Microeconomics

    TF for Professor Edward Glaeser [Evaluations]


    ECON 2052b (Spring 2015). Graduate Game Theory

    TF for Professor Drew Fudenberg [Evaluations]

  • Publications

    Differentially Private and Incentive Compatible Recommendation System for the Adoption of Network Goods” (with Kevin He) EC ’14, Proceedings of the 15th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, 2014.


    Log-concavity of a Mixture of Beta DistributionsStatistics and Probability Letters, 99: 125-130, 2015.